Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Information

Play2Learn, LLC is contracted with both BCBS of MA and Allways Health Partners to provide services that are covered by your individual plan. As part of our phone intake, we will do an insurance inquiry to determine your level of coverage and benefits.  We will provide you with this information so that you can best determine how to proceed with your services.

If you have other insurance, we will work with you to provide invoices that you can submit for reimbursement for private-pay services.

Occupational Therapy Assessments and Insurance

Insurance plans only cover 1 hour of service in order to assess your child.  This is not an ample amount of time for us to complete a full review of your records,  establish a strong rapport with your child,  perform our assessment,  write a detailed report, and share this information with caregivers.  When we do assessments that are insurance-based, we view them as a screening to determine if you will benefit from services or not, and what the main goals of our treatment will be.  We will spend 45 minutes with your child and provide you with a BRIEF checklist report.  This does not provide ample information to bring back to your school or other caregivers, rather it is a snapshot of your child that we use to access insurance coverage for your direct treatment services.

If you are looking for a comprehensive assessment for more detailed information about your child’s needs or a second opinion assessment, with standardized testing, and a lengthy report with recommendations and accommodations for school or home settings, this is a much more time-intensive service.  We are not able to bill insurance for these evaluations and we will work with your family to determine a price, depending on your needs.  If you opt for a comprehensive assessment, you can still use insurance coverage for direct treatment services with BCBS and Allways networks.

Our Views on Making Recommendations to School Systems

As clinicians, we view the services your child receives in school as pertinent, and a significant priority for progress.  We are frequently asked to make recommendations to school system therapists. In the spirit of collaboration, when asked to make these recommendations, we require a consultation with a school clinician and/or a school visit. When we can work together with caregivers at your child’s school, we can better understand your child’s needs and work as a team for the best results.

Our Medical Records Portal

Our practice utilizes Simple Practice as an electronic medical record and billing system. All families are provided with access to this portal upon initiation of services. Here you will input all of your demographic information, as well as provide us with your insurance and credit card information. Our EMR is HIPAA compliant and secure.  All billing for copays and deductibles or private-pay services is coordinated directly through the portal, where you can also access invoices and up-to-date information about your coverage, as well as superbills.  You will receive appointment reminders through the portal, and if you would like to message with your provider in a secure format, you can utilize messaging.  We will also ask you to upload relevant reports and information into the EMR, so that our clinicians have the most detailed information about your child, available at their fingertips.